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Our Process

At Attain we pride ourselves on taking a no-nonsense approach to obtaining a loan. We provide real advice and give you access to some of the best lending solutions in Australia.
We go out of our way to make sure we take your personal circumstances and goals into consideration and provide clarity around short-term and long-term savings that you can achieve by restructuring your finances and using specific products.


We know life's busy and we are happy to schedule your first meeting with us either over the phone or via video call.

With technology making our lives easier every day, timing can be flexible too. We have after hours and weekend meetings available by request.

We will work around you, as long as you're happy to work with us!

Once we know a bit more about your needs and financial situation we will research and recommend an appropriate product from our approved product list.

We are not aligned to one lender and can recommend over 40 lenders. We will always put your best interest first and consider your needs when recommending a lender.

Once we all agree on a lender we will prepare a loan application and request supporting documents from you.

We will share with you throughout this process the interest rate and any associated costs and recommend structures that we feel will save you the most amount of interest over the short and long term.

We often get asked ‘how we get paid’. We get paid in a number of ways depending on what products we are recommended, however for the most part we are paid by way of lender commissions, which means our service to you is paid for by the lenders. As we are accredited with over 40 lenders it is very unlikely that we won't be able to find the right loan, but on the off chance that we can’t there is no charge to you.

There are a couple of personal loan lenders we may recommend that do not pay commissions. In these cases we will discuss a reasonable broker fee and organise for this to be financed as part of your loan amount.

For any referrals we make to complimentary external services, such as conveyancers, financial advisers, cashflow and budgeting services we may also receive a referral commission, and this will always be disclosed to you upfront. These services are complimentary but not compulsory. We simply prefer to work with other trusted professionals who we know will service our customers to a high standard. If there is ever a time where a referral fee is payable to Attain we will make that known to you upfront and through of our compliance documents.

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