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We have an honest client focused business model and our service is all about you. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships, built on trust and mutual respect.


Why Us?

At Attain, it's our job to listen to you and your goals and find you a loan that suits your needs. Whether you want to find a cheaper interest rate, refinancing, consolidation, purchasing or wanting to build a new home, we can help! And we have access to over 40 lenders, including all the majors!


Financing is just one of many steps involved in owning your own home. Finding the right loan or lender can be hard, so why not let us do the hard work for you?
We can also help you with a pre-approval and tell you 'how much you can spend', how much you need to save or what government grants you qualify for. With thousands of dollars of government grants and funding available for first home buyers it’s important to understand which ones you have access to.

Want to get your finances under control?
Reduce expenses and simplify your repayments?
Why not ask us to review your finances and talk about debt reduction strategies.

Consolidating your debt into one simplified loan is an option, but it isn't the only way we can help you. It can be as simple as making small changes to your finances, such as restructuring repayments, changing the way you spend/save money or using the right bank products. Sometimes you just need to be held accountable and stay focused on your financial goals. Don't wait another year to get the house you want, call us today and lets figure out your plan.

By working with over 40 lenders, including the majors, we have access to some of the lowest rates in the market.

Interest Rates aren’t everything! Whilst we always research the lowest possible rates we also take into consideration any specials, cashback offers and associated fees as all of these things also contribute to your short-term and long-term savings.

Sometimes securing the right product is just as important as the right rate!

Investment interest can be tax deductible so finding the best product or rate can often be overlooked. We encourage you to review this often and if you don't need all the "bells and whistles" that your home loan has. Don't pay for services you simply don't need.

Find out what's on offer and make sure your rate and product is still competitive.

Looking for a personal loan? Why not ask us to find one for you.
We can find a loan for just about anything (within reason!):
Holiday Expenses Small Home improvements Debt Consolidation Buying a car / caravan or boat other

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